Program of Self Help Workshops

The Crucible Centre Timetable for 2014

with John and Hilary James .............. $497 for 2-night 2-day residential,
arriving Thursday evening 6pm for sharing and dinner.

To book, for pdf of this page, for map on how to get here and for how we plan the day

In 2014 we are planning a new and varied group of workshops.

Our Christmas workshop with Marg that was so successfullast year, being our 3-day celebration, will be repeated December 4-7.

We are hoping to repeat that wonderful conjunction of the three
great healers again during the year, in May 15-18.
But that will depend on whether Marg is free, which we wont know for a little while.

We have arranged a special one-week workshop in Ubud in BALI October 5-11.
We are partnered with one of Australia’s great Yoga
practitioners and teachers, Remy Quinter.
For a long time we have looked to replace the twelve wonderful workshops we ran on Pumpkin Island, and this promises to be it.

We are also combining Yoga with personal development in the April 10-12 workshop, and probably again in August 7-9. We find the two make a powerful contribution by
freeing the body as we free the mind.

Our first in the new year will be February 13-15 and March 13-15.
These will follow our popular two-day format on the full moon that
starts on the Thursday evening and leaves Sunday free for reflection
before being thrown back into the maelstrom.
There will be two similar two-day workshops September 4-6,
and November 6-8 just after our exciting week in Bali.

And there is also our New Year Day celebration and Hilary's Women's Circles.

To summarise these dates:

February 13-15
March 13-15.
April 10-12
May 15-18
August 7-9
September 4-6
October 5-11
November 6-8
December 4-7.

To book for a workshop, for pdf of this page,
for a map on how to get here and for how we plan the day.



A testimonial "...... Please accept my warmest thanks and appreciation for opening the door to some amazing and important new directions that I know I must now pursue. As usual my 'angels' have provided - with perfect timing the perfect guides for the next part of my journey. Truly exciting!!"

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