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Active Sandplay

You place your choice of small pieces from our huge collection into a tray of sand.
The choices and arrangements reveal what you have forgotten about yourself.
Itís a true picture of the unconsious, which is why it is so profound.

There is no other technique that can show so much, so succinctly
and yet so unobtrusively.

In spite of its apparent simplicity, Active Sandplay offers
the clearest display of whatever is happening in your life.
Sandplay is a most profound tool for self-discovery.

The way you both work with sandplay is unmatched. Your guidance, commitment and passion is infectious and your support has been unwavering.
Testimonial from Sue

We use Sandplay in a gentle and playful way with couples.
It is a fabulous way to deal with the
frustrations of relationship - and the outcome is often hilarious.

Sandplay is a precious way of working with children.
They cannot resist a room full of toys to create their own world.
As children seldom voice their problems or conceptualize their unhappiness, play in the sand offers a direct way to reveal any inner turmoil, and this heals.

Sandplay is a natural, positive and non-intrusive process for all of us,
so we feel excited and relax into expressing what we need.

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Sandplay tray

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